My buddies were able to get me back out on the water

I couldn’t believe it when my buddies asked if I wanted to go fishing on a boat after what happened the last time we went. We got a boat last time and I thought it was going to be alright, but it was a hot day and we didn’t have air conditioning. My buddies told me to just get in the water, but some kind of shark or something bit my leg and I was bleeding all over the place! They ended up wrapping up my leg and rushed me to the hospital. Whatever kind of shark it was, it was not especially large, but the teeth were razor sharp! All I can think about now is getting attacked by a shark when going out on the ocean. This time, they said they rented a boat with air conditioning. I had to admit, when I thought about the air conditioning, it didn’t seem so bad. So I went out on the boat with them and I spent most of the time relaxing with the AC system running. We never had to go into the water which I was thankful for, but I didn’t want to stay out too long because I was paranoid about some huge shark attacking the boat and causing us to sink. My buddies said that I watched too many shark movies. Well, they weren’t the ones who were actually attacked by sharks, they were lucky I even went out on the boat at all. I think I have a little bit of PTSD after that shark attack, but it’s good to see I’m healing because even I didn’t think I would be able to go out again. The air conditioning made all the difference in the world though.

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Our daughter wanted to have fun in the sun, but we had to insist on AC breaks

The other day was a very hot day and our 3 year old daughter kept saying she wanted to go outside. We asked her what she wanted to do and she thought about it. We thought she was going to say she wanted to go swimming, but instead, she said she wanted to play with bubbles. It sounded kind of boring to me, but I took her to the store and we got a package of bubble wands, along with a few baby pools. I got a good amount of bubble solution and I was planning on loading up the small baby pool with the bubble solution so we would have a good time. We filled the other baby pool with water so she could play around in the water as well to keep cool on such a hot day. We also made sure to go in the house at certain intervals so we could get our air conditioning breaks. When we went for the first air conditioning break, our daughter kept telling us how much fun she was having. She really enjoyed the huge bubbles we were able to make and all the different bubble wands were fun to play with. She also appreciated relaxing in the baby pool and she kept saying we should stay out longer and that we didn’t need the air conditioning break. Of course, I had to insist and we ate some lunch inside. Later on, we had snacks during our AC breaks and I think our daughter was starting to see why the AC breaks were so important, so we didn’t become too overheated from the sunny weather.


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I finally decided to go for a smart thermostat

When I finally decided to upgrade my thermostat, I decided to check to see if a smart thermostat would be compatible with the wiring I had hooked up to the HVAC equipment.

All the wires were there except for the C-wire which was necessary to power the thermostat. I ended up having an HVAC professional come out and he was able to resolve the issue. He installed the C-wire rather quickly and then he took care of the smart thermostat installation for me. He didn’t even charge me that much money, but I did give him a decent tip. That was after he showed me how to use the smart thermostat and adjust the different settings. I even have everything set up so the thermostat will text me alerts that I need to see like when I’m using more energy than usual or when I need to get my HVAC maintenance done. It tells me when I should change the air filters and everything which is nice! I also really appreciate how much money I am saving with this smart thermostat. When people said I could save around 15%, I didn’t believe it, but I am actually saving about that much. It’s more like 12% but it’s still a large amount of savings! I honestly wish I would have gone for a nice thermostat like this a long time ago, but I just didn’t feel like there was any problem with the previous thermostat that I had. Now that I am using a smart thermostat, I don’t think I would even consider using any other kind of thermostat.
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The HVAC industry has always been calling my name

Personally, I was always interested in getting in the HVAC industry.

  • This is because my father owns his own HVAC shop and he always had us boys help him out.

He even invited our sister to learn more about heating and cooling repairs, but she wasn’t interested. I think that our father was halfway expecting our eldest brother to work at the HVAC shop, but he didn’t want to. He ended up getting a degree and business and now runs a highly successful marketing company. He used to brag all the time about his success and he would shove it down everybody’s throat. He thought he was some big shot just because he went to college and became so successful. Still, our father’s business has always been good enough. He has always been able to provide for our family, and he was working on expanding the business. I was really happy when I started working at the HVAC shop and I had a lot of good ideas that helped to expand our business. I even helped our father to get a nice website with excellent web content and interactive pages to set up appointments with ease. This landed the HVAC business with a lot more customers, mostly millennials who didn’t prefer speaking on the phone. I think that our eldest brother was jealous when he saw how much we were able to help the HVAC business expand, and eventually my father asked me to take over the company. I think my brother’s pride was wounded, but he started coming out more and hanging with the family. We ended up working together making both our businesses prosper.



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I couldn’t pass up such a huge promotion

I honestly didn’t know what I was in for when I moved to the South.

It wasn’t exactly because I wanted to live in a different area, I didn’t want to leave family and friends behind.

It was because I was offered a huge promotion that I couldn’t pass up. Of course, it was contingent upon me moving down to the South, and so I packed up my bags and went. I ended up getting a rental house which wasn’t too bad. The thing is, I had to learn the hard way about using the heat pump during the first summer season. It became so hot and I kept adjusting the temperature control to what I thought was a reasonable setting. When I saw the energy bills for the first month of the summer, I was stunned. It was way too expensive and I realized I had to focus on energy saving tips if living in this new place was going to be worth it! I ended up investing in a smart thermostat which saves me a ton, and I also started cooking most of my meals outdoors by grilling or I would go out to eat with buddies. I would keep my AC set to minimal settings when I was away and I learned how important regular HVAC maintenance and care is. I would say these days, the winter season is my favorite because the temperatures are so nice, and I love it when it gets a little bit cold at times, it reminds me of home a little bit.


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Been trying to help my baby sister since she moved out on her own

Ever since my baby sister moved out on her own, I have been trying to help her out.

  • I got her a window AC unit a little while back so she wouldn’t have to suffer from the crazy heat in the summer.

At first she said she wouldn’t need it because they had central AC at the house she was staying at, but they had so many issues with the cooling system breaking down. Apparently, it was because nobody was bothering to change the air filters which resulted in expensive repair calls. They ended up not using the central air conditioning and she had to rely on the window AC unit. I was proud of her when she finally bought her own house and moved in with her husband. I kept telling her though she had to focus on different energy saving tips. She thought none of it was a big deal at first, but she missed out on one of the most important energy saving tips during her first winter. She didn’t put plastic on the windows and didn’t seal up the doorways. She was very cold and the energy costs were overwhelming. I was shocked and wondered if she had an issue with her insulation. I ended up helping her to get brand new insulation, I helped her put plastic on the windows and seal up the doorways. Her energy bills were less than half the following month, and she finally agreed to listen to the energy saving tips I was talking about. With all the energy saving tips she has learned from me, she’s actually doing very well now with her husband.


Been trying to help my baby sister since she moved out on her own

My brother already took care of a lot of work around his new house

My brother was excited when he bought his house, and I was very happy for him. Of course, I wasn’t entirely thrilled with the house he went for. It definitely was a fixer-upper but he kept saying how he looked forward to the renovation work. He was right that he could have a nice house for much cheaper by putting in the work, but it was admittedly a lot of work! At least he had a relatively new roof which was a beautiful thing and it was a metal one at that! He said that was one of the main reasons why he went for the place, because the metal roof was installed only a few years back. He also kept talking about the fireplace and how he was going to fix it up to look great. Well, he was true to his word and he already had a lot of things done. Fortunately, he didn’t need a new heating system because he has a very nice boiler that has been kept up well over the years. All the radiators are in great shape also. The only thing he really had to focus on was getting the fireplace fixed up and he did a great job at that. He had a local contractor come out to clean out the fireplace and answer all his questions. He even learned about the best wood to use in the fireplace. I remember telling him he should carpet the living room area, but he kept the wood floors showing and polished them up. They actually look way better than I would have expected. Also he has great air quality because he had a UV air purification system installed!

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Looking forward to the governor race this year

My family members and I are all excited about this year’s governor race in our state.

We all went out and voted in the primaries and we were so happy that our candidate was able to make it.

Even when going to the polling station, I was surprised how great the air conditioning was working. The place was as welcoming as ever and there were a lot of good citizens there to take care of their voting responsibilities. I also remember saying to my family members how even the air quality was excellent in that place and I thought it was better than at home. That’s when one of the polling workers said they just had a UV air purification system installed. So, that explained the amazing air quality! I couldn’t stop talking about getting a UV air purification after that and my wife finally told me to just get one and quit talking about it all the time. Now we have excellent air quality too, but of course, we’re all really excited to see what happens in November. We have been calling everybody’s family and friends to make sure everybody is on the same page so that we can see some real progress in our state! I know there’s going to be a lot of people out there when we vote, so I’m hoping the heating system in the polling station is working just as good as their air conditioner was working in the primary! I’m sure they take care of their regular HVAC system maintenance though, so I bet the heating system will be on point while we are casting our votes!


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My mother was very happy about the HVAC install in her greenhouse

It was last year when I got together with my buddies to help my mother install a greenhouse.

The greenhouse is quite large and there is plenty of room for my mother to take care of all the plants she wants! I must say, it does get pretty overheated in the greenhouse, but there are vents to allow for the ideal temperatures.

I have been over to visit with my mother a few times since that time, and she always says how she wishes she could grow her plants year round. I was thinking it would be good to have some sort of heating system for her to take care of her plants in the winter months, but I realized she might need cooling also to help keep her plants from becoming too overheated in the summer season. So I have been saving up money for a ductless mini split. These HVAC systems are relatively easy to install and you can save a small fortune by not having to go through the professionals. Of course, you should have the professionals maintain your system and if you are planning for an upgrade, it’s a good idea to have the experts take care of the removal of the old HVAC equipment. So when I went back to visit my mother recently, I had the ductless mini split delivered to her home and I got with my buddies to take care of the installation. The HVAC install was a breeze and this system will keep her garden going year round! My mother was so happy, she didn’t know what to say. She gave everybody a kiss on the cheek!

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We’re looking forward to the sequel of this movie

Of course, I was mostly focused on enjoying the movie.

When I went with my brother to the movie theater recently, we saw an action packed movie that was really entertaining. I thought our tickets were kind of pricey because we went to the IMAX, but the sound system was phenomenal and it made the movie that much more enjoyable. I also was very pleased with the temperature control settings and air quality in the movie theater. My brother was telling me that they use a powerful UV air purification system in these theaters and the UV light works to kill harmful pathogens making it safer in the movie theater. I remember thinking how amazing it was that the AC felt so nice considering so many people were in the movie theater. With so much body heat, that AC system would have to be extremely powerful, and I was able to witness that. Of course, I was mostly focused on enjoying the movie. I didn’t even get up to go to the bathroom or to get a refill on the popcorn. I did get a refill after the movie was over, but that was because the purchase came with a free refill. My brother and I shared the popcorn with the AC system cranked while talking about how amazing the film was. We were already talking about how there would likely be a sequel, and we definitely had to see that at the same theater when it came out! I can already envision myself in that cozy theater again with the perfect temperature control settings, and I am genuinely looking forward to the experience once again!
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