The HVAC Maintenance Plan Gave Me Priority Scheduling

I felt like I was constantly trying to get my HVAC system serviced before the seasons changed, and it was next to impossible to get seen on time.

The HVAC company I use twice per year to service my HVAC system very rarely contacts me directly. They are a well known and reputable company with more than enough business, which means that they don’t need to contact me about business. This is fine because I don’t enjoy getting spammed, but it can be a little frustrating when it’s time for me to have my HVAC system serviced. No matter how early I call to make an appointment, there’s always a waiting list and getting an appointment is difficult. This is why, when I received a flyer in the mail that advertised their annual maintenance plan, I was totally on board. The annual fee covered two HVAC tune ups, priority scheduling, a discount on repairs, and free on-site estimates. I loved everything about this, but I especially loved the priority scheduling. I knew that if I joined the annual maintenance plan, I would benefit greatly by the priority scheduling because it would take the stress off of me. I felt like I was constantly trying to get my HVAC system serviced before the seasons changed, and it was next to impossible to get seen on time. Now, I understand why. The HVAC company was giving their HVAC maintenance plan members first dibs, and I wanted to join! Sure, the discount on parts and two HVAC tune ups were great, but the priority scheduling has been the greatest benefit for me and my home’s HVAC system. I wish I would have signed up sooner.



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The Gift of HVAC Cleaning Supplies

All my life, my brother has lived in a constant mess and it’s always bothered me.

I’m the complete opposite, because I like order, structure, and tidiness.

Although we never shared a room, his messy room bothered me from a distance. Sometimes, I’d clean his room just because I couldn’t stand to look at it. I assumed my brother would grow out of this messy lifestyle, but sadly, he has not. He actually owns his own home now, but it’s still just as untidy and unclean as all his other places. After he bought the house, I told him that he’d need to have the HVAC system serviced in order to keep his air quality liveable, but he didn’t listen. He won’t even change the air filter, which is essential to clean air. His house is always dusty and musty, which is a direct result of the lack of HVAC servicing. For his birthday this year, I decided to get him a bucket full of cleaning supplies for his HVAC system. I got a wire brush for scrubbing, a mini vacuum, cleaning solution, and a pack of air filters. With all of these items, he could replace his air filter, scrub the dirt off the ductwork, and he could vacuum up the dust from the air vents. I know he’s going to hate the gift, but now he won’t have any excuse not to take care of his HVAC system. Maybe he’ll refuse to use my gifts and actually call an HVAC company.
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I Wanted to Clean The Furnace

I just had my HVAC system serviced last week, and the HVAC technician told me that my furnace was over 8 years old.

He wasn’t concerned about it, but he told me the age within our conversation and it made me realize how old my furnace was.

Before that moment, I didn’t know how old my furnace was because nothing made me think about it. My furnace provided heat efficiently for my home and I was happy with how it ran, so there was no reason for me to consider it’s age. 8 years is mid-age for a furnace, which is why the number caught me by surprise. Although my furnace was running just fine, it sent me into shock and I decided to start dedicating more time into keeping it clean. I did some research and found simple and safe ways to keep my furnace clean, which I just did a few days ago. The first thing I did was shut off my furnace completely. Next, I took a brush and soapy water and cleaned the combustion chamber. It took some time to find it, but when I did, I gave it a good scrub. Then, I purchased a new air filter and replaced the old one with it. The HVAC professional did not include a new air filter with his servicing, so it was important that I replace it myself. Lastly, I vacuumed out the air vents inside my house. I was surprised by how much dust and debri was caught in the air vents, but I felt relieved once it was all sucked up. Cleaning my furnace gives me peace of mind that I’m doing all I can to keep it running at it’s best.

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Why I Need To Have My HVAC System Serviced

After I purchased my first home, I knew I needed to have the HVAC system serviced, but I didn’t know to what extent.

  • I called around to a few HVAC companies and asked for their prices on a basic tune up until I found one that I was happy with.

When the HVAC professional came to service my HVAC system, I asked him a bunch of questions about HVAC maintenance and I let him know that it was my first time owning a home. The HVAC professional told me that I should expect to have my HVAC serviced twice per year because it ensured that my HVAC equipment would run as efficiently as possible. I thought twice per year was a lot considering that I had to pay for each visit, but the HVAC professional told me something really important. He told me that I wouldn’t have my car serviced only once per year, so why would I do the same for my HVAC system when it ran more often than my car? I thought this was a really fair point, and it completely changed the way I viewed my HVAC maintenance. My furnace or air conditioner were running constantly. There has never been a day where one or the other wasn’t providing comfort for my home, and when I thought about how vigorously my HVAC system had to run all the time, it made sense to have it serviced twice per year. This piece of advice has always stayed with me and it hasn’t failed me yet.


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I Clean My Air Ducts Once Per Year

There are certain chores around the house that take a lot of time and effort, so I do them once per year.

For example, cleaning the baseboards is something that doesn’t need to be done often, but it does need to get done.

It’s a less than desirable chore, so I pick one day out of the year to commit to washing off the baseboards. Another example is cleaning my ductwork. Ductwork can get really dusty and congested, so it’s important to clean them out in order to keep the air within the house clean and safe. Taking care of my ductwork takes an entire day and it’s very tedious. I start by cleaning out the inside of the ductwork with soapy hot water. All the dust is removed and the inside is sanitized and clean. Then, I clean the air vents and their covers. A lot of dust and dirt can build up on the outside of the air vents throughout the year, so it’s important to remove it so it isn’t entering the air. Afterwards, I go around and inspect the outside of the air ducts for leaks. If I find holes, I seal them properly in order to make sure my HVAC treated air isn’t escaping. I started doing this when I realized how much air I was losing through tiny little holes in the ductwork. Doing all of these things takes a lot of time and effort, which is why I only do it once per year, but I feel like it makes a drastic difference in my home’s air quality.
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Installing an air purifier at dad’s workshop

My dad owned a furniture shop for a long time.

The shop was doing well and money from the shop had raised us.

He was known all over town and had done some big jobs for significant companies. He also designed the furniture in the shop. Sometimes it would get so uncomfortable in the shop with all the dust and dirt from the wood. There was an HVAC zone control unit at the shop that helped in maintaining the temperature. The temperature control was the old outdated dial thermostat that we upgraded to a smart one. I had graduated as an HVAC tech and so I knew all about air quality systems. Dad wanted an environment with fresh air as much as he also wanted to continue working. So I scheduled the HVAC professional to handle the HVAC installation of the air purifier. The HVAC tech handled the ductwork as I advised dad on how to maintain the new unit. He would need to schedule an air duct cleaning service after every one or two years. The homeowner solutions guidelines I had prepared, indicated that duct cleaning would help increase the air quality. Dad was already excited about this new system and the fact that he and his staff would enjoy clean fresh air even as they worked to produce beautiful masterpieces. All dad had to do was ensure the HVAC ducts were free from debris and dust so the air purification system would last longer and function better. I checked back with dad after a month and he seemed excited about the unit. It had also helped in improving the health of his staff.

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Meeting a weirdly unique couple during a duct cleaning job

We got to work with the air duct cleaning which would improve the quality of air within the house.

Every day I go to work, I have to remind myself that it is not going to be the same day as I had before. I meet so many different people every day and experience new issues to solve every day. Last week I went on a job in the leafy suburbs and met the weirdest and unique couple. They had contacted the office and requested an HVAC tech. The man had complained that the indoor comfort had reduced drastically and so had the air quality. When we first entered the house, we could barely find our way to the HVAC zone control unit because of all the junk in the house. This couple was hoarders meaning that they kept everything and threw away very little. I even wondered how they felt the effect of the air purifier with such surroundings. When we entered the back area of the house, the difference was like night and day. The back part was clean and neat and that is where most of the appliances were. The temperature control had been acting up so we just upgraded it. The HVAC professional checked on the HVAC installation while the HVAC provider assessed the air quality systems. It turns out that the HVAC duct was filthy and clogged with all manner of fifths. We got to work with the air duct cleaning which would improve the quality of air within the house. The couple seemed to be such a happy couple, they chatted with us as we worked and the husband would constantly crack us up with his jokes. Duct cleaning ensured that the air purification system functioned optimally and for a long time. It was a weird but great job, we gave them the homeowner solution guidelines when we were done.

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Designing homeowner solutions guidelines for the business

After graduating from the technician college with honors, I got a job with a quality heating and cooling company.

I started as an intern and later was taken up by the apprentice programs where I got to hone my skills as an HVAC tech.

I worked there for a year and it was the best time of my life. It was baptism by fire but that seemed to be the best way to learn for me. When I officially graduated and got my certification. The first job I was assigned was that of designing a homeowner solutions pamphlet. My supervisor explained to me that these guidelines would be used to train new recruits as well as to guide customers on how to properly operate and maintain any unit including an HVAC zone control or an air purification system. The in-house guidelines would include the process of HVAC installation, tuning up the unit as well as checking on the temperature control. I was also supposed to list all the different types of thermostats to guide the new recruits on which is the most suitable for certain situations. The customer part of the guidelines would include, the different air quality systems, how to operate them as well as how to maintain them. First, the customer needs to know that the duct cleaning process could only be done by an HVAC professional. The air duct cleaning process would help the air purifier function optimally and increase the air quality within their premises. I also included photos showing a clean HVAC duct and how easy airflow was making the unit last for a longer time. I also indicated the homeowner would get a filter replacement from any HVAC provider near them.

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The air quality system for pet owners

I visited a friend of mine over the weekend as she had just gotten a baby.

When I got there, I noticed that she had three small adorable dogs.

She said that the baby seemed not to have an allergy to dogs. It was obvious that my friend had a lot on her plate with the new baby because her house was full of dog fur on every corner and even on the furniture. Being an HVAC professional, I advised her to get an air quality system that would help keep the pet dander away from the child and also every occupant of the house. Eventually, the dust, pet fur, droppings, and other debris would affect their health. She asked if the filters on the HVAC zone control were enough to trap all the pollutants, but it was not. As much as she vacuums the house daily some dirt would still find its way to the sensitive parts of the unit and thus the need for an air purifier. Her HVAC tech had just done the tune-up about a month ago and he had provided my friend with the homeowner solutions which are basically guidelines on the use and maintenance of the unit. My friend was worried about the process of maintaining the unit but I assured her that all she needed to do was schedule air duct cleaning with the HVAC provider after every one to two years. When done right, the air purification system would enhance the air quality within the house. When the HVAC duct is clean, it means that the unit will function optimally. Duct cleaning is essential and the period between the cleans is long, giving my friend time to take care of her family. I also requested that the temperature control be upgraded.

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Having evening tea with the HVAC professional under the newly installed unit

The HVAC zone control at my house had started having issues.

It would be on for a while all of a sudden go off, then using the temperature control the unit would come back on.

It was behaving intermittently. I had been referred to one of the best HVAC techs in the state that I contacted to come and have a look at the unit. Upon inspecting the unit, the HVAC professional determined that the intermittency was from clogged HVAC ducts. The vents were clogged with dirt and all sorts of debris and this was limiting airflow through the vents. It caused the air purifier to strain, thus using more energy and it became intermittent. The HVAC installation had been done like five years ago. The HVAC provider went to work executing air duct cleaning to remove the clog that was in the vents. The serviceman was very helpful and he would explain each step to me so as to keep me informed. It also showed his expertise. The air quality systems were back to functioning optimally and the air quality was significantly increased. The serviceman also performed a thorough tune-up on the central unit and replaced some of the components that were worn out. After the expert was done, he provided me with a homeowner solutions pamphlet that indicated the steps to take in order to maintain the air purification systems which included duct cleaning after every one to two years. After we were done with the job, I invited my technician to a cup of tea as it was raining outside. He was very appreciative as it also gave him a chance to relax for a while before calling it a day.


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