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I finally decided to go for a smart thermostat

When I finally decided to upgrade my thermostat, I decided to check to see if a smart thermostat would be compatible with the wiring I had hooked up to the HVAC equipment. All the wires were there except for the C-wire which was necessary to power the thermostat. I ended up having an HVAC professional […]

The HVAC industry has always been calling my name

Personally, I was always interested in getting in the HVAC industry. This is because my father owns his own HVAC shop and he always had us boys help him out. He even invited our sister to learn more about heating and cooling repairs, but she wasn’t interested. I think that our father was halfway expecting […]

I couldn’t pass up such a huge promotion

I honestly didn’t know what I was in for when I moved to the South. It wasn’t exactly because I wanted to live in a different area, I didn’t want to leave family and friends behind. It was because I was offered a huge promotion that I couldn’t pass up. Of course, it was contingent […]

Looking forward to the governor race this year

My family members and I are all excited about this year’s governor race in our state. We all went out and voted in the primaries and we were so happy that our candidate was able to make it. Even when going to the polling station, I was surprised how great the air conditioning was working. […]