The little things go a long way with HVAC care

The little things can slowly accumulate and add up to very big expenses.

I know it is a hassle, but I strongly suggest keeping up with all the piddly little maintenance and upkeep issues around your house.

Do it now, or those little problems get a lot worse, and then you have to call in a professional, which is never cheap. The one thing I have learned in being a homeowner is to stay vigilant, and take care of things before they escalate. Take the central HVAC system, for example, which is something that no one ever wants to think about until it’s too late. There is only so much that a normal person can do with their HVAC system, because this equipment requires special training and skills. That said, there are plenty of little things we can all do to reduce the workload on our HVAC system and keep it stronger for longer. Air filters are probably the most basic thing, so forgive me if I gloss right over this one. Check your air filter every month, and change it every 2 to 3 months depending on what you find in your checks. Second, find the time to give your HVAC system a little break every week or so. Turn off the air conditioning for a few hours, or overnight, and let your system rest for a while. Third, you should get your ductwork cleaned out every five years or so, and check it once a year to make sure you don’t have grime and dust building up in your air ducts.


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My window a/c fell out the window

I do not know if I just have bad luck or what it is, but I cannot believe what just happened last night.

A little bit of backstory first.

I almost always put my window air conditioning system in my second story window. I do the store and cool air to my bedroom and on to the second floor of my home in general. The second floor in my home is always hot because you know heat rises, so I had my window AC in the window as usual and that’s the way it was when I went to bed last night. However when I woke up this morning it was gone! I couldn’t believe what could have happened to it? I started looking for it and I looked outside the window and I saw it on the pavement below smashed into pieces. Somehow during the night my window AC system fell out of the window and hit the ground below. I do know that last night was a bit windy so I was wondering if maybe there was a breeze and that is what knocked it out of the window but it wasn’t long before I soon found what the cause of my smashed window air conditioner was. The cause of my smashed window AC was my cat. My cat loves to jump up in the window and he loves to watch any birds or mice that you’ll buy. He’ll go crazy and start jumping all over the place, well apparently last night he saw something and went after it and then doing so he jumped up on the window air conditioner and knocked it out of the window. I am upset about losing my window AC but I’m just glad that my cat is okay, after all I can always buy a new window air conditioner but I only have one cat.


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I took the day off to meet the HVAC technician

Just last night around my wife and I were sleeping.

We had a problem where our heater had broken down.

We woke up in the middle of the night , absolutely freezing. It had been really cold out because we were in the middle of winter and now we had to call a heating and AC specialist to come out to her home and take care of our heating system. In order to do this I had to take the day off of work, and I was already sleep deprived . After waking up in the middle of the night freezing cold it was very hard to get any kind of rest. Thankfully last night we were able to pull out the space heater so I was able to go back to sleep and get at least some rest before getting up early to meet the heat and cooling technician. Because it is so cold outside I had to pay extra for emergency HVAC services so that we could quickly get our heating system taken care of. Thankfully the heating and cooling professional arrived quickly and was able to diagnose our furnace within only 30 minutes. It turns out that I just needed a new part replaced and once that new part had been swapped out with the old one it was working perfectly fine again. I could relax a lot more now that I had warm heat once again in my house. Maybe it’s just me, or maybe I’m just spoiled for having my specific temperature preferences but I just couldn’t imagine living without the heat in my house. The funny thing is I actually grew up without having Heating and cooling in my home when I was a kid, my parents were cheap but I think it was because of the experience that I had rolling after that made me appreciate HVAC technology and HVAC products even more. If any of my heating and cooling systems break down nowadays I’m always ready to rush down to the heat and AC corporation to buy a new one.



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I lost my car keys and that made me late

The technician said he hadn’t seen them

Just this morning I was having a terrible day. I had woken up late and realized I was late for work. As if I wasn’t bad enough I couldn’t even head over in that direction because I couldn’t find my car keys. So I started mentally retracing my steps and attempting to remember where I put them. I remembered that yesterday I had stopped by my local heating and AC business and I had purchased a few individual standing near purifiers. I have been looking around cleaning products as well as the whole home air purification system because I was looking for products that would improve my indoor air quality in my home. I had been having problems with the end of my home for quite some time now and I was looking for the quickest way to fix it. Good morning to get a home air purification system for quite a while now however my wife and I went back and forth on the idea of the whole home air purification system. It was like this: I was in favor of getting a whole homemade verification system but she was not. She thought it was too expensive and while I did agree that it was a very expensive unit to purchase I did believe that it would be what was best for us because it would finally take care of our indoor air quality when nothing else had worked, even the HEPA had failed us. I decided to go back that afternoon to the heating and cooling business to see if I left my car keys there but I couldn’t find them later. The technician said he hadn’t seen them. Then I came to the dumbest realization they were in my pocket the entire time. I made my way to work but I was late. Later I convinced my wife to buy the whole home air purification system.


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I practiced painting with the help of my HVAC system

I have always been interested in art and I have been trying all kinds of different artistic methods since I was very young.

  • My most recent one that I have taken on is painting.

I absolutely love painting and it gives me a great joy to be able to paint something new every time. I have been practicing painting objects and I decided that it would be a good idea to try and paint my heating and cooling system. So I went outside to wear my heating and AC system set. I got to work painting it and trying to replicate it and my work the best I could. In order to do this I had to pay attention to all the little details about the heater and the air conditioner. Can I even familiarize myself with the different parts of the heating and AC system unit? I figured if I could Master what a heating and a/c ain’t going to system looks like in real life then I could also replicate it the same way in the painting. I spent a good few hours out there just painting away until I got the result I was looking for. And by the time I did get inside I was actually ready to enjoy my own HVAC system. It had been a hot day out and I was sweating and tired from all the hours I had spent out there. It was a great relief to be able to go inside and sit down and relax in front of the cool air conditioning. Instead of taking the same painting and hanging it on my wall.Sometimes it is a little joys.


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It was the chair that needed adjusted

This is a weird story but I was completely convinced that there was something wrong with my air conditioner.

Reason that I was in business or something was wrong with my air conditioners is because every single day I come home and I sit in the same chair and I watch TV after work.

This chair is set in a very specific spot, I have it right across from the air vent so that I can get the Cool breeze at any time that I need it. However for whatever reason I could no longer feel the Cool breeze touching me when I sat in a chair anymore so I thought that I needed to do something with the AC. I was convinced that the air conditioner must be breaking down or having some kind of problem so I called the heating and AC company to come out and take a look at my air conditioning unit to see if they could find out what caused the problem. However it only became more confusing when the HR technician arrived and informed me that there was nothing at all wrong with the air conditioning system. I was shocked. I was wondering how in the world could this be when I could actually feel a difference that there was no air getting to me now like there was before. It was in my house yesterday that I took a look at the chair where I was sitting and I discovered that the chair had sunk lower and was now leaning back more. Now I realize what he meant it was the chair that would need to be adjusted so that I could feel the air vent again and not the air conditioner, the air conditioner was just fine


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I would be lost without my window air conditioner

I’m not sure what exactly to do without my window air conditioner. I have always had it with me whenever I need it. Now that I do not have my window AC anymore I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do anything without it. If you’re wondering what has happened to my window AC, The story goes like this: I have had the same window air conditioning system for the past 10 years however as of recently it just started making some strange sounds. I knew that I could always just buy a new one if I suspected that there was something wrong with it. I did not want to do this. So I decided to have it looked over by a heating and AC technician instead. Unfortunately the news I have from the heat and I was informed that my air conditioner was dying the sooner I would have to get a new one. Rather than get a new one when the time came when my AC system finally died I just did nothing. Because I looked at their newer models, the HVAC businesses do not make their air conditioning systems like they used to as a matter of fact in my opinion these are nowhere near as good in quality as the old ones. So I’m looking to get a ductless mini split AC. It’s not the same as the old air conditioner that I had but it will work for my cooling needs. In my opinion it’s better than if I do not have anything at all. I have to have a source of cooling. There’s no way I can do anything if I do not have a way to keep myself cool, I am very specific with my temperature.


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My favorite song reminded me of my heater

You know when it comes to me getting things done right I will have to admit that I have always been a procrastinator. Recently I’ve been looking for new ways that I can remember to get things done. One of the reasons I have been able to remind myself on how to get things done with my music. I’ve always been a lover of music and I love to listen to music whenever I have the free time. So I decided to use this to my advantage and I decided to use music to remind myself of things that I had to get done around the house. So for example what I would do is I would go and I would play some of the lyrics to my favorite songs and tie it to atascania to be done. In this case one of the tasks that I needed to get done was taking care of my heating and AC system. My heater and air conditioner were due for their tune-ups from the local heating and AC company. One morning when I heard my favorite song come on as I had scheduled, I remember that I was supposed to schedule a heater in an AC tune-up with the HVAC company. I’m so glad I was able to remember this way because now I can make sure that my HVAC system gets the attention it deserves. Is very important to pay attention to what your heating and AC system needs because without your heating and cooling system, you’ll be exposed to uncomfortable temperatures and many people do not take proper care of their heating and air conditioning systems. It really is best if you have your HVAC unit best checked out by your heating and AC business every 6 months and always have your tune ups and upgrades service.

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The fan wouldn't even work

I remember the worst summer I ever had in my life.

  • The worst summer ever in my life was horrible because even though it was really hot I could normally rely on my fan to keep me cool because the air conditioner wasn’t working.

My fan was the last line of defense against the quickly rising heat that was in the air. When I normally did when our central air conditioning system stopped working, I took out my fan and put it in the window so that I could blow in as much air from outside as possible. This did not however always work because the fan was blowing higher from outside instead of cool here. The whole place was really hot and humid and it was very torturous to be in such a hot and humid environment. I can remember feeling very hot and very sweaty and sticky. The worst summer happened when even my fan wouldn’t work or Central AC had died because he was just too much for it and I went to turn on the fan as it was normally in my lifeline. However this time the fan did not work and I was left without any kind of way to cool myself. The only thing that I could do is go and take a cool shower until I could use the heating and AC technician out to prepare the issue. I was always much more relaxed when the heating and AC technician arrived and could actually take care of my air conditioning system so I would not have to worry about sweating to death in my own house. It was bad enough that I had to worry about the heat in my home but now I also had to worry about buying a brand new fan too. I suppose that I will have to go to the store later and pick out a brand new fan.

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The time I lost my air conditioner

Where I take my window air conditioning system everywhere with me.

I have done this ever since I was a kid and I believe this is because I started with my mom.

My mom has also been the type of person that has been obsessed with heating and cooling for my young age and as a kid I wanted to be just like her and so I started doing a lot of things so she did without really knowing why I was doing it. Only thing was carrying the heating and air conditioning system with me wherever I went. Of course when I did this the other kids found that weird but it was really good for my family because we would always take our window AC everywhere. It really came in handy on hot days when we would be at the park and we just wanted to cool down and take a break but would be unable to. We didn’t have access to a commercial HVAC system then we could go and use our own AC that we had with us. Finding a window is always easy and all I had to do was set up the window air conditioner to have some cool air to enjoy. I’m now grown and well my wife thinks it’s weird I’m still willing to carry a window AC around everywhere I go. My wife does not like that I am willing to carry my window air conditioning system everywhere that I go, in fact I know for a fact that she finds it to be embarrassing and someone weird. It was like that one time we went out to a park and I decided to take it with me because it was a hot day out. The entire time she was trying to convince me to put it away. We have to come to a compromise on when I can bring it along with me but so far as long as I can have it with me sometimes I’m happy.

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