Finding a good wedding venue with proper indoor climate control

That’s an immediate “no” if the air conditioner isn’t even running when we get inside the building

Planning a wedding with my fiance has been a tortuous experience. I thought that it would be easy enough to set a budget and then make quick decisions based on that budget. Unfortunately, we learned that you have to make a ton of compromises if you don’t have a flexible or unlimited budget. And when you want to please your partner and give her the best possible wedding that you can both afford, you don’t want to be the bad guy who constantly says no to one thing or another. But despite our best efforts, that’s exactly what we had to do. Between the catering companies, the venue costs, photography, entertainment, decorations and design, and clothing and make-up, I was starting to lose my mind with the endless costs. Since we were planning a mid July wedding ceremony, we opted against a sweltering outdoor venue where everyone would be dripped in sweat. Instead, we specifically looked at venues with good indoor climate control. You have to wear heavy attire in wedding ceremonies, so it made sense to have good air conditioning regardless of the season. I figured this would be easy enough, but the first few locations we checked out were terrible. They felt hot the moment we walked inside to speak with the coordinators that work onsite. That’s an immediate “no” if the air conditioner isn’t even running when we get inside the building. We instead found a place that is a 20 minute drive from our house, but it’s beautiful with lots of windows and a view of the lake out the back. The best part was having the option to take some of the ceremony outdoors if the weather permits on the day of our wedding.


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The smell around town

We have this oil refinery in our local area that really stinks! Literally it stinks! It messes up the air quality all over town and in the city and it is a smell we all can not get away from.

We have all written and called the city governor to do something about it, and they have not done anything to date.

I think the place needs to either be shut down all together or have something done to stop the smell from seeping out all around the city and towns! Thankfully, HVAC technology invented something called a whole home air purification system in recent times which has proven to be my personal defence against this. Not everyone can afford a whole home air purification system, and those that can not buy portable air purification systems for their homes to fight off the bad air quality caused by this oil refinery. The whole home air purification system though is the best thing. It is an air purifier that runs through and with your central heating and air conditioning system. It comes through the air vents with the central heating or air conditioning. The whole home air purification system can also be ran on its own without the use of the central heating or cooling. You would just select the right setting you want on the thermostat. You can flip it to mix with the central heating and air conditioning or just select the air purifier button and you will get your whole indoor air cleaned. It is one of the best inventions in HVAC technology today I believe.

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Crazy and uneven

I am actually worried it is going to work overtime because of this crazy ever changing weather

Global warming must really be upon us here. This was something that I used to laugh at back in the 1980’s when there was all that warning going on that if we didn’t clean up the earth that this would happen. I thought it was all a bunch of post hippie weirdness. But I hate to say, they were right and I was just a dumb teenager that should have known better. This last week alone the weather and climate has been insane. One day it would be close to one hundred degrees and I was cranking my central air conditioning system with the thermostat set at 72 degrees. Then the very next day it would be chilly and near freezing and I would have to go to the thermostat and turn on the central heating! My central heating and air conditioning system has never had such a huge work out. I am actually worried it is going to work overtime because of this crazy ever changing weather. So what I am going to do is call my local heating and air conditioning company next week to have them schedule one of their certified heat and a/c specialists to come out and give my central heating and cooling unit a really good HVAC tune up and check up! I will continue to do this seasonally too. It is the best protection against the crazy and uneven temperatures we all have been seeing in my state lately. Scary and sad it is all in one with this global warming.

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A special year

This year is a very special year for me.

  • It is my 25th anniversary of being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist! It is hard to believe that I have been working in the HVAC business for that long.

It seems like only yesterday that I graduated from HVAC school and got my official certification to become a heating and cooling specialist. Not only that, but the other thing to celebrate is the fact that I have been at the same exact heating and air conditioning company for the full 25 years! This is odd when it comes to working as a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. Most last a few years at most, and then move on and find another job at a competitor heat and a/c company. But this heating and cooling company has treated me so well that I never wanted to leave. And also, I have got promoted a few times as well. Today I am their chief heat and a/c specialist, which means that I actually direct and sometimes train new and young heating and cooling specialists who just join the company. I really enjoy my work. And if 25 years went by this fast, it will only be a matter of time before it is time to retire. I am not looking forward to that day shockingly as if I could, I would love to be a certified heating and air conditioning specialist for the rest of my life! Humanly, that is not possible though. We have to retire some time.

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Changing jobs

I recently just changed jobs. But not in the sense you would think. I changed places of employment, but not actual careers. I am a certified heating and air conditioning specialist, and I worked hard to get to where I am at in the heating cooling field. I went to night school to get my heating and air conditioning certification while working a very mondaine and awful low paying job in the day just to make ends meet and go towards my career goals. It was all worth it and all played out well. This is why when I was having some issues with the management at the heating and air conditioning company I was currently working for, I went in search of another job at another heating and air conditioning company that were looking for experienced heating and air conditioning specialists. And that is what I just did. The current heating and air conditioning company I work for are much better pay and a much better attitude towards their employees from what I know and can see so far. The old heating and air conditioning company I worked for was getting very rude and I did not like the way they treated me or the other heating and air conditioning experts that I worked with. As a matter of fact I brought a few with me to the new heating and air conditioning company. And when we all went and told the old heat and a/c company to quit, it was a most satisfying day to tell them off and say what we really thought of them!



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Just what i was looking for

I have to tell you that these radiant heated floors that I recently invested in on a whim turned out to be just what I was looking for! I was looking for a way to heat my home half way decent without needing the use of a central heating and air conditioning system to provide a proper whole home heater.

And these radiant heated floors have sure done it.

Radiant heated floors are not the cheapest thing you could get. There is a lot involved to even have them installed. It is not as simple as installing a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system unit. You have to have a bit of construction involved in it. This is partially what makes the price of getting radiant heated floors so darn high. The floors themselves arn’t the main cost. But let me tell you though, if you can figure out a way to afford to get radiant heated floors, go for it! Because within a year or 2, the radiant heated floors will end up paying for themselves in the money you will be saving on your monthly electric bills. I know a few people who have told me about this, and that was one of the main reasons I decided to go in for it and take a shot with getting radiant heated floors for my house. I will never go back to central heating after this. I simply just couldn’t. These radiant heated floors are unlike anything else. That is the best way to describe them.


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Will the cost ever go down?

However, as the years rolled on, central heating and air conditioning went from being for the rich and for commercial business to being in every common joe’s home

I was just thinking the other day how much I would love it if I could afford to invest in a geothermal heat pump to heat my home. That would mean getting rid of my central heating. And that is something I would love to do because to run the central heating in the winter is very costly. The same as the central air conditioning. There’s not a way around the air conditioning yet other than buying a portable a/c system and alternating the usage. But with the heater, there is plenty of alternate energy saving options, and the geothermal heat pump is one of them. Will the prices of those things ever go down? I mean if you think about it, way back in the late 1960’s when central heating and air conditioning was first starting to be a more mainstream thing it was super expensive like a geothermal heat pump today. However, as the years rolled on, central heating and air conditioning went from being for the rich and for commercial business to being in every common joe’s home. Why can’t they do the same for geothermal heat pumps? I think it has been around enough years to where they can make it affordable to the general public if they really wanted to. I guess maybe it is the electric companies that are putting a stop to this. Because if the geothermal heat pump was affordable to everyone, they would lose money on the rip off that they run yearly of overcharging for electric usage of any kind of decent heating and air conditioning.


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I remember long ago

I can recall a time when there was only one kind of fireplace.

And that was the real fireplaces that were built into people’s homes.

This is how I grew up. We were not fortunate or wealthy enough to have a fireplace in our home. However, my uncle and aunt were! They were pretty well off. Not rich, but close. And they had this really upscale home with this beautiful fireplace in it. Every single holiday season we would stop over there for desert after dinner and love and take in their totally awesome fireplace. The fireplace was warm, cozy and had this special kind of atmosphere that you would never even come close to with the gas fireplaces and electric fake fireplaces that people can buy for just a grand or so today. If you have never experienced a real fireplace in your life you are for sure missing out on an experience. I always for as long as I live will relate real fireplaces in homes to my aunt and uncle’s fireplace back in the day. Those were much different, simpler and happier times in the world. And the other thing about their fireplace I remember is that it cost nothing but the cost of firewood to run it! And it could heat up the living room if they did not feel like putting on their gas furnace that they had at the time. So that saved some money right there in energy use, because gas furnaces even take money to run. Not as much as central heating and air conditioning today, but furnaces were not energy use free and fireplaces were.
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They’re running low

I have been trying to get HEPA air filters at my local hardware store and they have been out of them most of the time.

I have been using HEPA air filters for so long now, that I can not have any other brand of air filters for my central heating and air conditioning system. My central heating and air conditioning system is the most up to date on the market today, and I want nothing but the best air filters going in there. The air filters that are the HEPA brand are nothing more than perfect. They last the longest and they also make the best air quality in my home. HEPA air filters are the only way to go in my book. And it seems that there are many others that think like I do about HEPA air filters. Because the hardware store seems to be always out of them lately. I have had to get my HEPA brand air filters online at different websites and have them shipped to me. That is how low the hardware store is running. As a matter of fact, the owner of the hardware store told me that they have been having to restock their HEPA brand air filters so much in the last few months, that the HVAC supplier in which they get the HEPA brand air filters are running out themselves. Soon they won’t even carry HEPA brand air filters any longer because all of their sources for the HEPA brand air filters are going to be drained out!

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What a compliment

The last time I ordered out for dinner with my wife we had ordered pizza.

And what happened this night was so unexpected and out of nowhere.

When the pizza delivery guy came to bring us our food, he made a comment about how nice the indoor air quality was in my home! And this was just from standing in the doorway for a min or 2. Not from actually being in and around the house. His comment made me realise just how well my whole home air purification system really works. When someone who is a complete stranger and wasn’t even within the full house notices a difference, that is really saying something about the whole home air purification system that I spent so much money on. I highly thanked the pizza guy for his positive comments about the indoor air quality of my home and explained to him about my whole home air purification system being the main reason that this is like this. It really felt so good to know this that I gave the pizza delivery driver a large tip, which is something that I do not normally do. But this kid really deserved it for taking the time and observation about my indoor air quality as well as my whole home air purification system! He wanted to know more information about whole home air purification systems, so I suggested he look online or just call his local heating and air conditioning company to learn more about air purification systems. That would be the best way to go.



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