Incredibly kind donation from HVAC tech

Recently, our church informed us that we were going to need to upgrade the heating and A/C system in our social hall and classrooms.

Both of us have a building next to the actual church, and we use it for receptions, meetings, Christmas parties, and teaching religious education classes, among other things, then there is the main heating and A/C machine for the building. Each individual classroom has its own mini-split cooling system unit. It reminds me a bit of the way the heating and A/C is set up at hotels and sometimes university dorms. Anyway, it turns out that when the heating and A/C repair crew came to look at the heating and A/C system, we learned that the whole heating and A/C system does not need to be upgraded. Instead, we need to upgrade the several mini-split air conditioners in the classrooms and do a small repair on the main HVAC unit. This made me genuinely happy because it seems like I am always having to figure out a way to donate more currency to the church. It is worth it, of course, but replacing the mini-split cooling systems sounds a whole lot less costly than putting in a whole new heating and A/C system. Then, when one of the boys found out about it, he volunteered to donate the entire cost of one of the mini-split cooling system units himself! That donation is so generous! I wish I had enough currency to be generous like that! Anyway, at first every one of us was going to have to have a gigantic fundraiser to pay for the upgradement of the HVAC unit, but now all every one of us is going to need is a much smaller fundraising campaign. Hooray!


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