Was not too thrilled about being a cleaning person

I spent a short time working as a cleaning person at an old apartment building.

Whenever people chose to vacate an apartment, I was hired to go into the residence plus handle all the deep cleaning.

I cleaned the lavatories, plus the kitchen space. I had to scour the sinks, scrub plus sanitize the refrigerator, plus make my way to the oven. I played cleaning lady for a lot of apartments and I eventually decided I couldn’t take it any longer. People didn’t seem to care at all what type of messes they left when they were well aware that a cleaning lady was going to come into the residence when they moved. They felt it wasn’t their responsibility to pull away the food from the refrigerators, plus they often decided to unplug the unit. You don’t even know how terrible it is to open a refrigerator when food has been left in an unplugged refrigerator for as long as a week. The cleaning lady sees even the deepest plus dirtiest secrets you choose to leave behind. After that plus the food left in their stove, I swore the end of my cleaning lady days had finally arrived. I came close to throwing up when I got in the refrigerator, but the stove was pretty bad as well. They had left a piece of uncooked meat inside the stove. I can’t talk about it without gagging. Being a cleaning lady is not a very glamorous job, that’s for certain. I didn’t care if I did have to pay for school. Not even an education was worth the amount of terribly disgusting filth I had to face. I offered to take my dad up on his offer, plus I went to work as a waitress in his family restaurant.

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