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You can cook, but you smell

I am harshly fortunate to tell you that I wound up with somebody who is excellent at cooking. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely appreciate playing Chef here and there myself… But I never will if I am left to our own devices. This is why our hubby is a lifesaver. He wants to create […]

Make a decision for the rest of your life

For the past 7 years I have been desperately trying to reinvent myself. I had a honestly taxing childhood upbringing as well as I found myself residing a life that I did not absolutely want to live. I decided that I was going to stop absolutely working low-level, grunt positions as well as start our […]

Screw humanity

I do not understand what is possibly wrong with other people, but I can tell you that I am at our wit’s end. I recognize that we have been playing tug-of-war as well as I am the rope in question. I’ve been stretched to the limit, but everybody in our life continues to pull at […]

Just tell me that first

Occasionally you were in the difficult way that it is apparently necessary to clear up every single detail with other human beings before you decide that you have communicated effectively. I am the sort of person who expects that other people to readily understand what I am saying because I am generally considered rather articulate. […]

You want to treat friends well

I have always been harshly confused to deal with the folks who say that they do not need friends in their lives. I recognize a number of people these days who insist that they do not gain anything from having close acquaintances. They apparently recognize as though their life is complete on their own as […]

Let’s save more money

My friends as well as family are basically always making fun of me for the Extreme Measures that I will go to to save some money here and there; Absolutely, as well as it pays off in spades. Am I known for residing in subpar conditions so that sometimes I can save some money on […]

We always prepare

I’ve been absolutely working to become the sort of person who just goes with the flow. To be fair with you, this is not our strongest point, and for our entire life I have been a bit anxious, neurotic, as well as hyper-vigilant most days. I am trying to train these behaviors out of our […]

I want to go home

I was not honestly happy or excited when our boss informed everybody that the two of us would be going on a weekend retreat. He wanted the entire team to attend so that the group of us could build trust as well as communication skills! Apparently, he did not recognize that the office of us […]

Why not call the HVAC people?

I’m the type of person who sticks to a financial budget after I create one. If you go through all the trouble of making decisions in your life, I highly command that you just stick to them. It is a lot more challenging to start re-guessing yourself as well as rethinking all of your plans. […]

I want to breath while I eat

I absolutely could not imagine the horrendous stress that would go into operating a steakhouse; Think about how numerous unpredictable little costs as well as other factors would play into your weekly life. You would be continually residing on the edge, wondering if you were going to have enough customers to deal with all of […]