Getting energy back through gym membership

Over the last few years, I have been extremely busy. As a mother, I have put everyone’s needs ahead of my own. I finally decided to head to the gym to take some time for myself. I wanted to focus on my health and fitness. I knew that if I didn’t take good care of myself, I wouldn’t be able to properly care for my family. My energy levels were low. I had all sorts of aches and pains. I was tired all the time and grouchy. I had very little patience and was feeling unhappy with my life. So I worked out a schedule with my husband, so that he would watch the children a couple of evenings per week. The gym is about a fifteen minute drive. I work out for an hour, shower and get home within two hours. Those two hours recharge my batteries. Just working up a good sweat and getting my heart pumping rejuvenates me. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight and now feel healthy and strong. I combine cardio with strength training. I vary between running on the treadmill, pedaling the stationary bikes and using the elliptical or rowing machine. I spend about thirty to forty minutes strictly on cardio. Then I take advantage of the weight lifting equipment. I try to target all different muscle groups, switching between working my arms, shoulders butt and legs. It gives me the opportunity to be selfish, think things through and keep myself fit. Heading to the gym just a few days per week has made a huge improvement in my quality of life. My next step is to sign up for group fitness class on Saturday mornings. I hope that I am setting a good example for my kids. I plan to live a long healthy life so that I can be there for them in the years ahead.


Fitness coahing

Gym is essential to recovery

It was hard for me to admit that I was addicted to substances.

With the help of professionals, I have made positive changes.

I got support from certified fitness experts at my health and fitness center. I’m finally clean, sober and healthy. For years and years, I pretended that I could handle my drinking and abuse of other substances. It was a way to combat stress and depression. However, it eventually became such a problem that I lost my job, my friends and my health was in real jeopardy. I had to make a change. I took advantage of a wellness program that focuses on addiction. Through the help of therapists and nurses, I was able to fully quit using alcohol and drugs. That was just the first step of the journey. I needed to focus on getting healthy. I needed to achieve mental wellness and have future goals. In the beginning, it was hard to remain positive. My therapist suggested the health and fitness center. They specialize in working with addicted people. Once I signed up for my gym membership, I needed a lot of support and encouragement from the certified fitness experts. I followed their guidance. My first workout program introduced me to exercise gradually. I signed up for nutritional programs as well as nutritional counseling. I wanted to feel as physically healthy as possible so I could feel confident and strong. Honestly, that health and wellness aspect of my journey was simply essential. Feeling fit and well has helped me to steer clear of substances that will ruin my life. I am now focused on clean and healthy living. I have a better quality of life.

Local gym

Enjoying the gym

I can use the sauna or the steam room

I can remember the days when I first signed up at the local gym. My gym membership was for the purpose of weight lifting and bulking up. I hoped that lots of weight lifting would make me more appealing to women. I had no structured workout program to speak of. I just lifted free weights and went for heavier and heavier weights. This went one for a few months before I lost interest. I wasn’t seeing a lot of results. I had a lot of aches and pains in my back and shoulders and decided I was doing more harm than good. My last gym membership expired ten years ago. The only workouts I got was from playing golf and the occasional hike or walk. I wasn’t just terribly unhealthy, but my priority wasn’t health and wellness. That changed just recently. I ended up with a free one-month gym membership. It was a trial membership. I knew there would be pressure to sign up for a full year. I planned to use the fitness center for four weeks and then never go back. However, the fitness center is really amazing. The variety of equipment is shocking. There are rows of treadmills and bikes and rowing machines. There’s weight benches, free weights, kettlebells and weighted balls. There’s punching bags and jump ropes, resistance bands and battle ropes. They have an indoor track, racquetball courts and a swimming pool. I can go tanning or sit in a hot tub. I can use the sauna or the steam room. I can even sign up for nutritional counselling or personal training. It’s wonderful. I have now been a member for several years.

Personal Physical Training

Gym membership changes my focus

I recently joined the local gym.

It has been a really great thing for me.

I have never been able to follow through with a gym membership in the past. Workout programs were not anything I enjoyed. It was like work and I’d gradually get tired of making the effort. Taking time out of my day to spend it at a health and fitness center was low on my list of priorities. I work hard at my job. I put in long hours and am exhausted at the end of the day. I used to claim that I didn’t have the time or the energy to workout. Whenever I wasn’t at work, I was focused on relaxing. However, I had a lot of complaints with aches, pains and stiffness. I suffered from tension headaches and insomnia. I dealt with carpal tunnels syndrome and tennis elbow. I finally spoke to my doctor about all of these fairly minor issues and he suggested working out. He said that getting more active would most likely fix them. He recommended that I sign up for a group fitness class because I’d have the benefit of a trained professional guiding it. Plus, the structured time would hold me accountable. The only class at the local gym that I was halfway interested in was scheduled super early in the morning. I needed to attend the class before work, use the locker room to shower and dress and then drive to the office. I figured I’d hate it but gave it a try. Turns out it was the best thing I could have done. I loved the class. I really felt wide awake and in a good mood afterward. I was more productive at work. I now stop at the gym everyday before work. Sometimes I take a class. Sometimes I lift weights or just run on the treadmill. I no longer have any of the health problems that were plaguing me before.

Physical Training Programs

Was not too thrilled about being a cleaning person

I spent a short time working as a cleaning person at an old apartment building.

Whenever people chose to vacate an apartment, I was hired to go into the residence plus handle all the deep cleaning.

I cleaned the lavatories, plus the kitchen space. I had to scour the sinks, scrub plus sanitize the refrigerator, plus make my way to the oven. I played cleaning lady for a lot of apartments and I eventually decided I couldn’t take it any longer. People didn’t seem to care at all what type of messes they left when they were well aware that a cleaning lady was going to come into the residence when they moved. They felt it wasn’t their responsibility to pull away the food from the refrigerators, plus they often decided to unplug the unit. You don’t even know how terrible it is to open a refrigerator when food has been left in an unplugged refrigerator for as long as a week. The cleaning lady sees even the deepest plus dirtiest secrets you choose to leave behind. After that plus the food left in their stove, I swore the end of my cleaning lady days had finally arrived. I came close to throwing up when I got in the refrigerator, but the stove was pretty bad as well. They had left a piece of uncooked meat inside the stove. I can’t talk about it without gagging. Being a cleaning lady is not a very glamorous job, that’s for certain. I didn’t care if I did have to pay for school. Not even an education was worth the amount of terribly disgusting filth I had to face. I offered to take my dad up on his offer, plus I went to work as a waitress in his family restaurant.

Maid service

Being a cleaning lady definitely was not my calling

I spent a little while working as a cleaning lady at an apartment complex.

Whenever someone moved out of an apartment, I was hired to go into the property & do a thorough cleaning.

I house cleaned the bathrooms, & the living room. I had to scrub the sinks, clean & sanitize the refrigerator, & take care of the oven. I played cleaning lady for multiple apartments before I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t take it any longer. People didn’t seem to care what kind of messes they left behind when they were aware that a cleaning lady was going to come into the property when they moved. They felt it wasn’t their responsibility to detach the food from the refrigerators, & they often would actually unplug the unit. You have no idea in the slightest how awful it is to open a refrigerator when food has been left in an unplugged refrigerator for a long period of time. The cleaning lady sees even the deepest & dirtiest secrets you leave behind. After dealing with the food left in their stove, I swore the end of my cleaning lady days had arrived. I almost gagged when I got in the refrigerator, however the stove was almost worse. They had left a massive piece of uncooked meat inside the oven. I sincerely can’t even speak about it separate from gagging. Being a cleaning lady is far from enjoyable work. I didn’t care if I did have to actually pay for university. Not even an education was worth the huge amount of filth I had to face. I decided to go to work as a waitress in my father’s restaurant.

Finally being proactive about improving indoor air quality

Because of the threat of the coronavirus epidemic, I feel anxious about the cleanliness and health of my home.

I became convinced that I needed to get more proactive with it. I started with the filters of the furnace and the a/c system. I think that a lot of contaminants are introduced into the breathing air by way of the heating and cooling system. I thought that the air pollution could be reduced by purchasing higher quality air filters and also replacing them more often. I found that the more overpriced air filters supply a higher MERV rating. This tells you that they feature much smaller holes and trap more dust and other particles. What I didn’t know is that these tiny holes abruptly become clogged with debris. Once the filter is dirty, air can no longer pass through the mesh. This creates a large problem for the furnace and a/c, and unless I wanted to change filters out every week, I needed to try a unusual approach. I did some research and l acquired that the air filter currently in the system is designed to better protect the furnace and a/c from contamination. The filter helps to keep the unit clean and running a lot more efficiently. It doesn’t do much for indoor air quality. As I read further, I acquired wisdom about the unusual air quality products on the market. There are air cleaners, UV air purifiers, germicidal UV lights, ventilators, and small humidifiers and dehumidifiers. The numerous air quality options can be incorporated into the central heating and cooling system to treat the air as it passes through. I chose an ductless UV air purifier that uses positive and negative ions to disrupt the DNA of pathogens and causes particles to clump together and fall out of the air. The system is silent, requires no repair and it has been proven effective against particular strains of the coronavirus.

Cooling specialist

High velocity heating and cooling for an old home

My house was built in the early eighteen hundreds and most of the features are still the original.

Every one of us still have the cold plaster walls and ceilings, hardwood floors and a gorgeous fireplace. The house is freaking huge, and divided into several smaller rooms. While my husband and I were drawn to the charm and history of the rooms, it has hit us with some challenges. When the people I was with and I moved in, there was no insulation in the plaster walls and all of the old windows were painted shut and leaked air. There was no centralized heating and cooling system. Without HVAC duct, the people I was with and I were forced to piece together unusual styles of portable electric heaters, box fans and window a/cs. The house was shockingly cold during the Wintertime and boiling and sticky all Summer. I hated the look of the popular heating and cooling equipment. I started looking into options for temperature control. I entirely didn’t want to have to tear down the walls and ceilings, supply up tons of area or sacrifice architectural integrity. I wanted to find a compact and affordable system that would supply both whole-house heating and cooling. I selected a high-velocity Heating and A/C, and it has been the ideal solution. This genre of system is particularly designed to meet the specialized needs of older homes. It uses actually slim, bendy mini-ducts that can be threaded into existing walls without causing disfigure. The vents are only multiple inches in diameter and allow total freedom of location. The unit is small enough to fit into a closet or the attic. With the new high velocity heating and cooling system, the people I was with and I can finally adjust temperature through the whole house with a centralized control unit.



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Snowmelt system is helpful

In the local area, our cold Wintertime weather lasts a long time. It’s not respected for us to operate the furnace for well over half the year. I respectfully will turn up the control unit in early September, and there’s below cold temps by the first of October. Every one of us usually have numerous inches of snow on the ground by the time Halloween arrives. Along with hot and cold temperatures down to twenty-multiple below zero, the snow is a constant and troublesome problem. Every one of us get so much of it. Shoveling is time-consuming, labor-intensive and unpleasant. It’s often necessary to dig out the sidewalks and plow the driveway in the afternoon and again in the day. So much snow falls that it’s nearly impossible to get in and out of the driveway. It can be a struggle to get the mail or walk the pet. Plus, all that snow piles up and there’s nowhere to put it. Hiring someone to properly plow or for having snow removed is overpriced. The ideal solution is a snowmelt system. Installed beneath the pavement of my driveway, walkways and steps, a series of pipes fasten to a boiler system in my basement, but just prefer the radiant radiant floors inside the house, boiling water travels through the pipes and radiates heat across the surface. Inside the house, the radiant heat keeps each room perfectly boiling and cozy. Outside, the radiant heat melts away snow and ice. The system is set to start automatically in response to temperature drop and moisture. Every one of us eliminated the huge piles of snow and the need to shovel. There’s no worry over wet feet or slipping and falling on the slippery ice.

a/c repair

Duct sealing is important

The moment I started up the furnace last Winter, I immediately noticed some new troubles.

There seemed to be a ton more dust coming out, and the unpleasant odors coming from the air vents felt less less like heated air. As the outdoor temperature dropped, I kept raising the control unit level. The house was pretty cold, and the furnace simply couldn’t keep up, however certain rooms were especially cold. I should have called for repair that day, by that time of year it is typically hectic. By the end of January, I was harshly unhappy with the performance of the furnace and the cost of my utility payments. I finally got with a professional service. The professional looked over all components of the furnace and inspected the duct system. I hadn’t considered that the HVAC ducts might be the cause for all of the troubles. The testing revealed that approximately 25% of the heated air produced by the old furnace was escaping through numerous leaks and holes. Because the maximum amount of heated air wasn’t reaching the rooms in the house, the furnace was struggling to meet the control unit settings. The longer run times added to wear and tear and caused the higher heating bills. I wasn’t sure how my issue could be fixed. With the HVAC duct mostly hidden inside walls, ceilings and the crawlspace, I was already upset that the process would require some major renovation. Fortunately, there is a new duct sealing process that works from the inside. Polymer adhesive particles are pumped into the HVAC ducts by way of highly pressurized air. As this air leaks from the holes, the particles cling to the edges and gradually accumulate. The whole procedure takes a couple of hours, causes no destruction and leaves behind no odor or residue. It’s also perfectly safe and non-toxic. After it was complete, the professional once again checked the ducts to verify the results.


a/c serviceman