Understanding why everyone pulled their curtain in summer

So there is a reason people pull their curtains during the warm season.

I thought all people in this region were just either too shy or honestly private.

But that shade pulling has nothing to do with all that. No, that was not the case as I recently learned that this custom is to mitigate the direct afternoon light heating which occurs when windows are left uncovered. And I found out that this is a big time Heating and A/C cooling cost saver. I mean big time. This is all new to me as I’m learning all about just how to adjust to a warm season unlike any I have ever experienced. And it’s been a bit of a learning curve. At least I was smart enough to have the Heating and A/C specialist come out to supply an a/c tune-up before it got hot. But still, I wish I had known about the direct afternoon sunlight heating. Yet, I have had to learn the hard way. When all of us moved in, all of us didn’t want to spoil any of the window sections to take in the light. But as all of us got closer to the warm season, I noticed that the a/c was definitely kicking on a lot. And then after I got the first heating and A/C cooling bill of the warm season, I knew I had to do something different. That’s when it dawned on me that everyone else in the village had shutters or drapes or shades drawn during the peak heating hours. Shooting the cost of putting up window coverings wasn’t nearly as taxing to deal with when I saw the difference it made in the utility bill.


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