When it rains, it floods.

I live in a very low lying area near the river.

Whenever it rains, it seems like we all need to head to higher ground.

The fear of flooding is always in our mind. We had lived through several floods and that was why we had our house on stilts. When you first see the house in our area, it is almost funny. There are large columns leading up to the house and empty space below. He often tells us about the house and what happened before the stilts were required. We don’t stay in the house when the flooding begins, but we don’t go back to having a house full of river silt and bugs. The only time I remember the flooding we had to move in with Grandma for a couple of months. When we got back to the house, mom said they would need to have it demolished. The house smelled of fish and mold. The air conditioning unit wasn’t anywhere to be found. When dad opened the furnace, water gushed out at him. He said there was no way they could salvage. Now, we have a house that is built on ten foot stilts. The air conditioning is able to get the smell of the river out of the house. The smell seeps up from the ground below the house. We have the dehumidifier to remove the humidity from the air, and mom said she wouldn’t move in without an air purifier. I don’t know if there will come a time, when the river gets into the house again, but mom says she won’t move back in if it happens.

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