Too hot outdoors, too cold inside

I feel like everybody I know is getting diagnosed with autism and ADD right now.

Grown adult friends are consistently finding out that they have mental disorders that they were unaware of.

I’ve got to say, I am confused about where all of these new diagnoses are coming from… But I am concerned that I might qualify for them as well. The older I get, the more I find that my focus and attention are scattered. I’m also realizing that I’m extremely sensitive to certain triggers in my environment, such as chaotic energies and terrible air temperatures. In fact, air temperature and air quality has become one of my biggest obsessions in life. I don’t feel like I used to pay much attention to the heating, cooling, and air quality control systems where I lived, but these days I can never stop touching my thermostat and doing research on professional heating, cooling, and air quality control Solutions. I really want to have an upgraded indoor air temperature control system in my house, and I do not want to purchase the wrong air quality control equipment. Part of my concern with the indoor air temperature control system is due to the ever-increasing temperature outdoors. I find that the outdoor climate is continually more hot and humid, and it is messing with my health. The problem being, when I exit the brutally warm outdoor air in favor of an ice cold air conditioned environment, my lungs hurt. At this point I am looking for a less drastic indoor air temperature control system that will allow me more subtle indoor air conditioning. Who know that adulthood would make you so boring?