The training classes were canceled until further notice

Each week, the fitness center in town offers group physical training classes like indoor cycling, dance, high intensity interval training, and Zumba.

  • For a long time, I attended one of the group exercise classes.

I preferred being in a group setting instead of a private training class. Some people prefer to work with a personal trainer, but I was much happier not being singled out one-on-one. A few weeks ago there was an incident during one of the group physical training classes. Two guys got into a fist fight and the police were called to the scene. I heard rumors from other people that attend the gym. Apparently the person running the group training class was having an affair with someone else’s wife. Everything came out during an exercise class. A few days later, all of the group training classes were canceled until further notice. It’s been two weeks since the episode occurred, and they still haven’t started their training classes again. I don’t think it is absolutely fair to punish all of the people that attend these group fitness classes, just because one particular person broke the rules and caused an issue. There are ten classes each week and only one guy messed up and did something incredibly stupid. My friends and I joined this gym in particular, because of the free group training classes. A lot of places make you pay an additional fee and that fee can be ten bucks or more. If they aren’t going to offer the exercise classes anymore, then I am going to request a full refund of my membership fees.

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