The fan wouldn't even work

I remember the worst summer I ever had in my life.

  • The worst summer ever in my life was horrible because even though it was really hot I could normally rely on my fan to keep me cool because the air conditioner wasn’t working.

My fan was the last line of defense against the quickly rising heat that was in the air. When I normally did when our central air conditioning system stopped working, I took out my fan and put it in the window so that I could blow in as much air from outside as possible. This did not however always work because the fan was blowing higher from outside instead of cool here. The whole place was really hot and humid and it was very torturous to be in such a hot and humid environment. I can remember feeling very hot and very sweaty and sticky. The worst summer happened when even my fan wouldn’t work or Central AC had died because he was just too much for it and I went to turn on the fan as it was normally in my lifeline. However this time the fan did not work and I was left without any kind of way to cool myself. The only thing that I could do is go and take a cool shower until I could use the heating and AC technician out to prepare the issue. I was always much more relaxed when the heating and AC technician arrived and could actually take care of my air conditioning system so I would not have to worry about sweating to death in my own house. It was bad enough that I had to worry about the heat in my home but now I also had to worry about buying a brand new fan too. I suppose that I will have to go to the store later and pick out a brand new fan.

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