My brother plans to move to a smaller home

My brother Dan is looking for a new home and he entirely wants to get something that is more energy efficient than the home that they live in now! He and his partner have been living in the same home for the past ten years or so, they have entirely done pretty well for themselves, even in a home that basically leaks heating and air conditioning right out the window.

My brother is always complaining about how awful the air quality is in their ancient house.

He says that the insulation is just terrible and that’s why they end up having such high heating and cooling bills every single month, but now that Dan is getting ready for retirement, he and his partner have decided to downsize because of the simple fact that they don’t want to have to spend so much on their heating and cooling bills anymore. I asked him why they didn’t just do some renovations on the home that they live in now, but Dan said that he wasn’t interested in doing renovations on the home or changing out their existing heating and air conditioning plan in the least. He said that he wanted to just move into a newer home with a high efficiency heating and cooling plan and an entirely fantastic whole home media air cleaner. I know they just want a clean slate. That means that they’re going to be moving over the holidays, which will be crazy, but I know they will be happier in the long run once they finally get moved into their new site.

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