My brother-in-law is starting a new HVAC business

Maybe he will surprise me

My brother-in-law Joey is starting up a new commercial HVAC business here in town. I honestly never really thought that Joey was ever going to amount to anything because he always seemed like such a loser to me. Joey is constantly screwing things up, losing jobs, wrecking cars, and getting into all kinds of trouble for no good reason. He’s just one of those guys who seems like a loser. So whenever he went back to school to get his HVAC certification a few years ago, none of us really thought that it would stick. We thought that he would probably drop out before he got finished with the heating and cooling courses. However, he surprised us all by finishing with the HVAC certification course and graduating at the top of his class. He started working for one of the local heating and cooling companies here in town and he excelled at it for several years. I have to say that we have all been really surprised how well that he’s been doing, but last week, he threw me for even more of a loop. He said that he was going to be leaving his heating and cooling company job and starting up his own HVAC business instead. That’s because he said that he is sick and tired of his boss and all of his demands. I don’t think that he’s going to be able to make a go of it, though. Who knows, though. Maybe he will surprise me. I don’t know if he’s good material for running a business, though.

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