I would be lost without my window air conditioner

I’m not sure what exactly to do without my window air conditioner. I have always had it with me whenever I need it. Now that I do not have my window AC anymore I don’t know how I’m going to be able to do anything without it. If you’re wondering what has happened to my window AC, The story goes like this: I have had the same window air conditioning system for the past 10 years however as of recently it just started making some strange sounds. I knew that I could always just buy a new one if I suspected that there was something wrong with it. I did not want to do this. So I decided to have it looked over by a heating and AC technician instead. Unfortunately the news I have from the heat and I was informed that my air conditioner was dying the sooner I would have to get a new one. Rather than get a new one when the time came when my AC system finally died I just did nothing. Because I looked at their newer models, the HVAC businesses do not make their air conditioning systems like they used to as a matter of fact in my opinion these are nowhere near as good in quality as the old ones. So I’m looking to get a ductless mini split AC. It’s not the same as the old air conditioner that I had but it will work for my cooling needs. In my opinion it’s better than if I do not have anything at all. I have to have a source of cooling. There’s no way I can do anything if I do not have a way to keep myself cool, I am very specific with my temperature.


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