I helped a friend change her air filters

Adulting- such an interesting word, whenever I hear someone say “I was adulting” today I automatically think that they did basic things for survival, such as cooking a meal for themselves, however, some people will say “adulting” with the most basic tasks such as checking their mail or paying a bill, but part of being an adult is taking responsibility for yourself and making sure you are responsible. When you become an adult and you have your own home, there are several things you automatically become responsible for. Cleaning, paying bills, keeping up with yard work and genuinely taking care of your home are essential. There are several things that people don’t realize they have to do on a routine basis to make sure their home is functioning properly. Most adults who are new to living on their own, do not realize that they have to change their a/c filter every few months. They may not even know how to change their a/c filter, or where to buy replacement filters. This seems like such a simple task, however I have several friends who were not aware that changing your a/c filter can help your a/c work better and can prevent dust sensitivities, however one of our friends did not know where his a/c filter was in his home. When I showed him where it was and showed him how to change his a/c filter, his mind was blown. The filter was completely black, it was so gross! I showed him where to buy replacement filters, and if he didn’t want to go to the store he could buy them online.

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