I drank too much protein powder and lost control

Before I started a daily workout routine with exercise, weightlifting, and cardio, I was a mess.

I was doing everything wrong and my body suffered during the process.

I was trying to bulk up with protein powder and heavy weightlifting. I was drinking way too much protein powder and it made me lose control. I was acting crazy and erratic and my friends were worried. My girlfriend called the police when I lost control and pushed her really hard. The police took me to jail, but my girlfriend didn’t want to press charges. I promised to get help for the anger. The doctor immediately suggested that the protein powder was the reason for my angry and aggressive behavior. I heard stories about testosterone and steroids, but I didn’t know that too much protein could cause the same problem. I immediately stopped using the supplement and the doctor gave me the names of several herbal and organic supplements that could help. He also sent me to a specialty doctor to discuss weight management and a healthy lifestyle. That guy was a physical therapist and really bulky. The guy was using a diet and routine exercise to maintain his natural physique. He helped me come up with some exercises that would help with my daily workout routine and he also urged me to stop using the protein powder. It’s been about 6 months since I stopped and I can honestly say that I feel much better now that I am working on my body shape naturally. I still lift weights and exercise, but now I have a healthier outlook.
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