The benefits of a radiant heated floor

I think that one of the nicest types of furnaces is radiant floor heating. I really wish that I could afford the price of tearing out my gas furnace and duct system to update them with radiant floors. The gas furnace is noisy, requires lots of repair and wastes so much energy. Even when the HVAC duct is respectfully sealed and worked on, it allows approximately 4% to 5% of the conditioned air to escape. Then, after the heated air blows from the vent, it rises straight up toward the ceiling. This leaves the biggest space of the room closest to the floor cooler than up by the ceiling. I need to raise the control unit to achieve a more comfortable temperature, forcing the furnace to run longer and consume more energy. As the air goes through the duct system, it picks up dust, bacteria and other harmful contaminants and spreads them all throughout the house and creates a health concern. My family often coughs and sneezes when the furnace cranks up. By comparison, the radiant system is actually concealed beneath the floors. There is no need to arrange furniture to accommodate the position of the vents. There is never a blast of boiling air hitting particular spots or unappealing unit taking up overpriced living space. All of the pipes fasten to a boiler system and create a closed loop that boiling water travels through. The whole process is especially clean and quiet, and spreads heat evenly across the floor. The heat radiates into the air and warms everything that touches the floorboards. It eliminates cold surfaces that can steal body heat and avoids temperature stratification. The temperatures from floor to ceiling is no more than a couple of degrees apart.



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