Son’s shedding animal causes a/c troubles

When my son and his partner went away for a ten-day vacation, they asked if I would take their cat, and he’s an older animal and seemed easy to care for, so I didn’t mind! I took him out to the lake house with myself and set up his bed, food bowl and water dish. I bought him some treats and toys. I wasn’t prepared for how badly he sheds. There was fur getting everywhere. The animal liked to nap on my bed, so there was pet hair all over my sheets, comforter and pillows; My rugs, furniture and even my clean laundry was covered in dog hair, but by the time the animal went back to my son and his partner, I was entirely upset to clean my entire house. I laundered all of the sheets, cleaned under and behind all the furniture and vacuumed, then swept and mopped every floor. I did my best to eliminate every sign of the cat’s presence, and a little over a week later, I started to have some problems with my a/c. When I checked the air filter, I was not stoked to see it completely clogged with fur. It hadn’t occurred to myself and others that the pet hair, fur, and dander also got inside the heating and cooling system. I knew that I needed to hire a professional to supply me with a thorough cleaning of the unit. I booked an appointment and explained my troubles. I wanted the a/c, furnace and HVAC duct thoroughly diagnosed to prevent further restricted airflow, diminished efficiency and potential malfunction. The process took some time however was actually necessary. The professional found a great deal of contamination within my system. I blame the animal. He ended up costing myself and others quite a bit of time and money.

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