Old furnace still heats up

The antique furnace was already installed when the people I was with and I bought our house, so none of us are sure of the age of the furnace however the people I was with and I never expected it to last this long.

The old house had been left vacant for quite some time, and there was pretty disfigured, with broken windows and problems with the pipes and electrical system.

The furnace and HVAC ducts appeared in very poor shape. Every one of us had a licensed Heating and A/C business repair the heating unit before I moved in… Duct cleaning, sealing and repairs were necessary. With a total repair process and a few updatement parts, the furnace was operational, and since then, I’ve stayed diligent about keeping up with official repair every fall. I make sure to update the air filter every more than three to 7 weeks. I’ve also been setting aside money, saving for a modern furnace. I assumed such an old furnace would only make it a year or 2. We’ve now lived in our house for nearly 8 years and counting. I can’t think that the ancient furnace is still starting up every fall and operating reliably all Winter. Every time the HVAC professional comes to the house to handle the official upkeep, he warns myself and others that the system is profoundly old and should be updated. I realize that a brand modern furnace would offer greater energy efficiency and greatly reduce my utility costs. It would actually supply superior comfort and make less noise. I just hate to supply up on the old furnace. I kind of want to see how long it will continue to operate. Plus, as I save up more money, I can afford a much higher quality of furnace in the future.

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