Liking the convenience of a home gym

After my 3 kids were born, I had to quit my gym membership.

I no longer had the free time available to make the drive, devote an hour to my workout, shower, shower and drive twenty-five minutes back home.

I didn’t want to hire a babysitter. However, I still make my morning workouts a daily priority. I had to figure out a faster and more convenient way to complete my physical activities. I decided to assemble a gym at home. I emptied an area in the basement where I set up a dehumidifier to help with the excessive moisture. I started checking into all the various types of exercise equipment on the market and found out that they are very pricey. I couldn’t afford to complete my home gym all at once with the latest technology. My first purchases included a weight bench, free weights of three different sizes and a jump rope. That was the capacity of my budget. I got by with the limited equipment until I managed to save up for a yoga mat, resistance bands and kettlebells. For any anniversary, Mother’s day, birthday and Christmas, I ask for more fitness gear. I have steadily accumulated a decent amount of equipment, including a treadmill and a stationary bike. I’m now saving my money to get an elliptical. I am relieved that the space in the basement stays nice and cool all year round. The only complaints I have are low ceilings and constant moisture. I have to be sure to empty the reservoir of the dehumidifier at least every day. Now that my kids are older, I could easily go back to using a gym membership. I’ve realized that I prefer working out at home. It doesn’t matter if I have an hour or twenty minutes free, I can get in a workout.

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