Keeping fit as a gymnastics trainer

I own and operate a gymnastic studio.

I work with students ranging from age 3 to high school seniors and college students.

My studio holds classes 7 days per week, offering beginner level up to the advanced. Our teams travel all over the country for competitions. I am actively involved in the actual training of the gymnasts. I correct them on proper form for handstands, walkovers, handsprings, aerials, back tucks and more. I guide them through drills to elevate strength, stamina, balance and flexibility. I physically spot their bodies as they maneuver through more difficult skills on the floor, beam, bars and vault. The sport is extremely physically strenuous. The kids need to remain in peak physical and mental condition to advance their skills, avoid injury and not buckle under pressure. It is important that I also take care of myself. I am responsible for supporting their weight. I guide their bodies into intricate positions. Most of the kids are taller and heavier than I am. I am only 5’3” tall. I weigh around 120 pounds. I am 54 years old but have not slowed down. I still fulfill the requirements of my job and protect the safety of my students. I do this by keeping myself in the best possible shape. Above and beyond working with the kids, I workout on my own for at least 60 minutes every morning. I devote time to thoroughly stretching. I elevate my heart rate and focus on core strength. By taking care of myself, I’m able to satisfy the demands of spotting without facing serious aches and pains. I get tired and sore, but I’ve suffered no debilitating injuries. My plan is to remain active for as long as possible. I enjoy instructing and working with the kids and have no intention of giving it up.


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