Gym is essential to recovery

It was hard for me to admit that I was addicted to substances.

With the help of professionals, I have made positive changes.

I got support from certified fitness experts at my health and fitness center. I’m finally clean, sober and healthy. For years and years, I pretended that I could handle my drinking and abuse of other substances. It was a way to combat stress and depression. However, it eventually became such a problem that I lost my job, my friends and my health was in real jeopardy. I had to make a change. I took advantage of a wellness program that focuses on addiction. Through the help of therapists and nurses, I was able to fully quit using alcohol and drugs. That was just the first step of the journey. I needed to focus on getting healthy. I needed to achieve mental wellness and have future goals. In the beginning, it was hard to remain positive. My therapist suggested the health and fitness center. They specialize in working with addicted people. Once I signed up for my gym membership, I needed a lot of support and encouragement from the certified fitness experts. I followed their guidance. My first workout program introduced me to exercise gradually. I signed up for nutritional programs as well as nutritional counseling. I wanted to feel as physically healthy as possible so I could feel confident and strong. Honestly, that health and wellness aspect of my journey was simply essential. Feeling fit and well has helped me to steer clear of substances that will ruin my life. I am now focused on clean and healthy living. I have a better quality of life.

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