Going ahead and installing central a/c

The rooms no longer feel so boiling and sticky

I never wanted to invest in central a/c. I live in the northeastern area of the country, where the Winters are the main concern due to the weather. For more than half the year, I need to run the furnace. The temperature is frequently freezing cold and sometimes gets down well below zero. After dealing with the cold and snow for approximately 7 or eight months, I’m harshly upset for milder conditions. I watch for the 1st signs of the yellow daffodils coming up, leaves on the trees and the arrival of the robins. I look forward to opening up all of my windows and airing out the house. I saw no reason to close the windows back up, lower the climate control unit and pay high electric bills for the sake of a/c. For the few months of Summer heat and high humidity, I was great getting by with box fans and window a/cs, however once my daughter came along and was diagnosed with dire dust sensitivities and asthma, all of that changed. Suddenly, air quality was the top priority. Having the windows open was allowing contaminants such as dust, pollen, fumes and biting bugs inside. The best way to supply a safe, clean living environment for my daughter was to filter and circulate the air. I got a central cooling system and air cleaner installed, however not only has this update made a truly significant improvement in the health and cleanliness of the home, however comfort as well. The rooms no longer feel so boiling and sticky. My whole family sleeps a lot better at night, and there’s less complaints about intense headaches, sore throats, congestion and itchy eyes.

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