Finally upgrading to a smart climate control unit

For a long time, I was very reluctant to update my old HVAC control unit. Although it was a basic plastic dial and faceplate, it was easy to operate. All I needed to do was turn the dial to adjust temperature. I got upset that using a Wi-Fi control unit would be more than I could handle. I have trouble operating something as easy as a TV remote. I struggle with my PC, ipad and smartphone. I figured that I’d never be able to understand all of the complex features of the control unit and be stuck heating my house during the Summer and cooling it off during the Wintertime. I finally did some research into the unusual makes and models of HVAC control units available. I was amazed by the numerous options and features. There are HVAC control units that include reading capability. For the first month after upgrade, the system keeps track of all adjustments and creates a program accordingly. It then automatically adjusts to conserve energy when the house is sitting empty or the family is asleep. Some models of control units have GPS capabilities called geofencing. The control unit knows the locations of the family’s smartphones. As family members enter and exit a set and recognizable perimeter around our house, the control unit makes adjustments to temperature. It minimizes energy usage when the house is sitting empty and starts heating and cooling up at the perfect time to welcome all the people into the lake house to perfect temperature. The biggest luck of a smart control unit is the ability to access it from wherever you are. Through an app on my iPhone, ipad or PC, I can check the indoor temperature, make adjustments and get temp alerts.

Air conditioning technician