Enjoying the gym

I can use the sauna or the steam room

I can remember the days when I first signed up at the local gym. My gym membership was for the purpose of weight lifting and bulking up. I hoped that lots of weight lifting would make me more appealing to women. I had no structured workout program to speak of. I just lifted free weights and went for heavier and heavier weights. This went one for a few months before I lost interest. I wasn’t seeing a lot of results. I had a lot of aches and pains in my back and shoulders and decided I was doing more harm than good. My last gym membership expired ten years ago. The only workouts I got was from playing golf and the occasional hike or walk. I wasn’t just terribly unhealthy, but my priority wasn’t health and wellness. That changed just recently. I ended up with a free one-month gym membership. It was a trial membership. I knew there would be pressure to sign up for a full year. I planned to use the fitness center for four weeks and then never go back. However, the fitness center is really amazing. The variety of equipment is shocking. There are rows of treadmills and bikes and rowing machines. There’s weight benches, free weights, kettlebells and weighted balls. There’s punching bags and jump ropes, resistance bands and battle ropes. They have an indoor track, racquetball courts and a swimming pool. I can go tanning or sit in a hot tub. I can use the sauna or the steam room. I can even sign up for nutritional counselling or personal training. It’s wonderful. I have now been a member for several years.

Personal Physical Training