Being a cleaning lady definitely was not my calling

I spent a little while working as a cleaning lady at an apartment complex.

Whenever someone moved out of an apartment, I was hired to go into the property & do a thorough cleaning.

I house cleaned the bathrooms, & the living room. I had to scrub the sinks, clean & sanitize the refrigerator, & take care of the oven. I played cleaning lady for multiple apartments before I finally came to the conclusion that I couldn’t take it any longer. People didn’t seem to care what kind of messes they left behind when they were aware that a cleaning lady was going to come into the property when they moved. They felt it wasn’t their responsibility to detach the food from the refrigerators, & they often would actually unplug the unit. You have no idea in the slightest how awful it is to open a refrigerator when food has been left in an unplugged refrigerator for a long period of time. The cleaning lady sees even the deepest & dirtiest secrets you leave behind. After dealing with the food left in their stove, I swore the end of my cleaning lady days had arrived. I almost gagged when I got in the refrigerator, however the stove was almost worse. They had left a massive piece of uncooked meat inside the oven. I sincerely can’t even speak about it separate from gagging. Being a cleaning lady is far from enjoyable work. I didn’t care if I did have to actually pay for university. Not even an education was worth the huge amount of filth I had to face. I decided to go to work as a waitress in my father’s restaurant.