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Radiant heated roof saves our butt in winter

Luckily, we installed a smart thermostat and radiant heating throughout the house several years ago When my great-great-grandparents built their own house up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin I know that they never could have anticipated how times would change. In their lifetimes, technology really kicked into gear. Everything is completely different now than when […]

I can’t get an air purifier

Last March I was getting really into cooking. I started looking up recipes online and buying all the fancy ingredients. In particular I really started enjoying cooking seafood. I loved experimenting with different rubs and oils on the fish and then baking it. I found that for scallops and shrimp, pan frying the meal is […]

My new restaurant has one fatal flaw

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of owning my own restaurant. I had a ton of recipes in mind that I always wanted to try out, and add to this dream restaurant of mine. As I grew older, I practiced creating all of these recipes, most of which were just as good as […]

I ended up leaving hotel early

I do a lot of traveling for my job, and because of this, I am constantly staying at hotels. My job generally pays for the hotels I get to stay at, and they are often really nice 4 or 5 star hotels. Really nice stuff. Which is why, when I pulled up to this junky […]

I was afraid of losing my favorite store

After a really bad tornado ripped through our area, I was incredibly glad that my home and family are still in one piece. It seemed like most of the damages happened outside of my area. However, my happiness was short lived when I found out that my favorite HVAC store was damaged! Most people would […]

No idea where to go from here

I really should have taken the saying “It’s too good to be true” to heart. I am currently in college, and badly trying to scrape up every penny if I can. Unfortunately, the apartment I live in has the worst A/C and heating on planet Earth. I constantly call the landlord and have him send […]

Heating for the leaders

Political leaders in our state were particularly competitive and they consistently seemed to make it to the news, but i was interning as a parliamentary assistant at the time when the leaders were debating on new policies for the schools around the state, and the debate had gone on for about 3 seatings and they […]


They fit the machine ensuring that the duct sealing was respectfully done to avoid leaks, but an area furnace was also purchased to serve the parliamentary clerk’s office Political leaders in our state were absolutely competitive plus they always seemed to make it to the news, i was interning as a parliamentary assistant at the […]